Those claiming to be ‘kattar imaandaar’ conspiring to divide society, PM cautions Himachal voters | Himachal-Pradesh Election News


SOLAN (HP): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday cautioned the people of Himachal Pradesh against “selfish groups”, saying they call themselves ‘kattar imaandaar (very honest)’ but are the most corrupt and conspire to divide the society. His remarks were seen by many as an attack on the Aam Aadmi Party which often describes itself as ‘kattar imaandaar’ and is also in the fray along with the Congress to challenge the BJP in the hill state.
Attacking the grand old party, he alleged that the Congress means a “guarantee” of corruption, selfish politics and nepotism.
The BJP’s work and resolve are strong while in the Congress, there is uncertainty, indecisiveness and anarchy, Modi said.
Himachal Pradesh needs a BJP government as that will provide stability to it, he asserted.
Elections to the 68-member Himachal Pradesh assembly will be held on November 12 and counting of votes will take place on December 8.
“For three decades there was instability in Delhi, governments came and went, thousands of crores of rupees were wasted in elections … that happened repeatedly. People then decided that only a stable government can change the fortunes of the country and in 2014, people voted for a stable government and we also left no stone unturned to fulfill people’s aspirations,” Modi said.
He said small states have had a history of unstable governments but now many of these states are looking at stable governments and the BJP is being re-elected, he said, citing the example of Uttarakhand and Goa.
During the Congress rule, many selfish and vested interest groups emerged who wanted to see instability in the country and states like Himachal Pradesh, he claimed.
“For this reason they stop a stable government from coming to power. Small states have always been targeted by these selfish groups. They make false promises, win a few seats and work for their own interests. They call themselves ‘kattar imaandaar (very honest)’ but they are the most corrupt and conspire to divide society,” Modi said.
Himachal Pradesh should be beware of such groups, he cautioned.
Solan with such big response has given a message that Himachal Pradesh will again have ‘double engine’ government of the BJP, he said.
“You need not remember the BJP candidate, only remember the symbol of ‘Lotus’ when you go to cast your vote. I’ve come to you with ‘Lotus’, wherever you see the symbol of ‘Lotus’ that means it’s the BJP and that Modi ji has come to you,” Modi said.


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