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VARANASI: Union home minister Amit Shah on Friday described the Kashi Tamil Sangamam as the “beginning of a cultural renaissance from Kashi” and credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s vision for starting an effort that “should have been initiated immediately after independence to ensure India’s antiquity and glory stand united”.
“This event is not concluding but is marking the beginning of a cultural renaissance which will not be limited to reviving the bonding of Kashi and Tamil Nadu but (cover) all cultures of the country. All other countries are formed on the concept of geo-politics but, India’s base is geo-cultural with a treasure of diverse cultures,” he said at the Sangamam’s valedictory session at the same amphitheatre ground of BHU where the Prime Minister had inaugurated the event on November 19.
“We are thankful to the PM, who envisioned Kashi Tamil Sangamam, to re-strengthen the bonding of two great cultures of Kashi and Tamil Nadu. Under the PM, the lost glory and unity is being revived in Azadi’s ‘amrit year’. Kashi Tamil Sangamam will prove to be a bridge between the extreme yet rich cultures of Tamil and Kashi,” Shah added.
He said 2,500 people officially and 10,000 from Tamil Nadu participated in the event. “The way Kashi warmly welcomed the brothers and sisters from Tamil Nadu was overwhelming.”
Explaining how Adi Shankaracharya reached Kashi and north India from the south to reunite the cultures and traditions, Shah said PM Modi has restarted efforts to re-strengthen the bonding of cultures as per his vision of ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’.


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