Rajeev Sen reacts to estranged wife Charu Asopa’s allegations: She chose to lose everything by walking out on me with our daughter, the door is still open for her


Many things are out in the open. If you see my vlogs, you will know where all I was. I was very much in Mumbai. Everything was shut down, how will I fly anywhere? Once the lockdown lifted, I flew to Delhi because I had a lot of pending work. Realistically, how are you supposed to stay with one person for 24*7 and if someone says you have to act accordingly to that person, it’s never going to work out. Even if I have gone at times without informing Charu, I didn’t feel like telling her because we had a fight the previous night. Maybe that was wrong on my part. But I was gone for a few days, not months. Likewise, even she would leave without informing me… so many times. Charu has left me without informing me more number of times than I had left her… locally and outstation.


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