Netizens slam Urfi Javed for wearing painted bre**ts in new post; Internet user calls it ‘vulgarity in the name of fashion’


Urfi Javed has made a name for herself by pulling off bizarre outfits with elan. However, her post on Tuesday was a tad too much for the online community to take.
Urfi posted photos in a black bodycon dress which had painted breasts on it. She styled it with a braid and her signature dewy makeup. The actress captioned her post as, “How much is too much. Painted by the very talented @shwetmahadik.”

Even Shweta, who had painted the breasts on the outfit, showed a rough sketch of how it all began and wrote, “When it’s for her, it has to be perfect @urfi7.” Take a look.

Urfi Javed Embed

The internet was, however, not impressed. Many criticised the outfit and called it ‘vulgar’.
One user wrote, “Dude, you really really need psychological help. I am serious, go get yourself checked ✔️ ✅️ Even though I am a person who believes in choices and freedom but this is not fashion this is vulgarity in the name of fashion.. Kal toh nange ho kar ramp pr chal jao and usko fashion bol do … Big no! You are sick @urf7i…I used to like you before ..sad you lost a well wisher!”
There’s another who shared, “This is not fashion Urfi, please stop this.”
And a netizen also commented, “I don’t know….but what is the definition of freedom in today’s world??? Ye sab? Nahi….this is not right…matlab kuch to limits honi chahiye na….har cheez ki….don’t know what to say…people want to do anything in the name of art and freedom of choice.”
Urfi is no stranger to such derogatory remarks. The actress has drawn attention many a time for her weird outfits and also received flak for it from many including known figures like Chetan Bhagat, Chahatt Khanna and others.


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