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MUMBAI: In a push towards transparency, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council recently released the benchmarks it has set for universities and autonomous colleges. The benchmarks manual is its secret ledger of maximum scores it awards to institutes that line up for assessment. Earlier, the assessment body declared benchmarks for affiliated colleges.
As TOI had reported on November 14, this is the first time that the NAAC has declared the highest marks called benchmarks that it has set aside for each of the parameters it grades institutes on, thus allowing every higher education institute to know the maximum achievable marks.
“These will act as a barometer, allowing institutes to identify areas that need working upon, thus resulting in a process of continuous improvement in the overall quality of education,” said executive committee chairman Bhushan Patwardhan.
For instance, among the volley of questions that the assessment body poses to higher education institutes under seven broad criteria, there is a classified number that NAAC has pre-determined and that is its established top score. To date, universities and colleges had absolutely no idea about that score.
This was after a series of TOI articles on institutes that had surpassed the NAAC score of the Indian Institute of Science, as also about consultants that were being hired by colleges and universities that were assuring a top NAAC grade for a price. Earlier, NAAC scores were not attached to any schemes or benefits. The race for a top score began after a high grade translated into getting autonomy or a university status or getting grants or admitting foreign students.


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