Indian-Americans in US midterms: Will the Samosa Caucus get more stuffing?


NEW DELHI: The US midterms will see at least 8 Indian-Americans, most of them Democrats, in the race for the US House of Representatives.
Four of them are sitting Democratic Party members, who gave themselves the nickname “Samosa Caucus.” Poll pundits say they are virtually assured of another term in the US Congress. The others are fancying their chances for the first time.
We take a quick look at some of them and their chances in the midterms:
Ami Bera (Democrat)
Bera is seeking his sixth term in the House of Representatives from the 7th Congressional District of California.
His district encompasses most of Sacramento’s eastern and southern suburbs, including Elk Grove, Folsom, and Rancho Cordova.
Bera first contested for the House unsuccessfully in 2010, but has won the next five elections.
Ami Bera’s odds of winning have been put at 98 per cent.
Ro Khanna (Democrat)
Khanna represents the 17th Congressional district from California. He contested from here in 2014 and lost. He has been elected in the subsequent elections in 2016, 2019 and 2020.
Khanna identifies as a progressive capitalist, and has called for a “new economic patriotism” as a governing philosophy.
Like Bera, Khanna too is seeking his 4th consecutive term, and polls have given him a 99 per cent chance of winning.
Raja Krishnamoorthi (Democrat)
Krishnamoorthi is trying his luck from the 8th Congressional District of Illinois. Seeking 4th consecutive term
Krishnamoorthi’s constituency around Chicago was slightly altered with the addition of some Republican-leaning areas in the redrawing that takes place every ten years.
But a poll in his constituency has given him a six per cent lead over Republican Chris Dargis. FiveThirtyEight, an election data analysis outfit, gave him a 98 per cent chance of victory.
Pramila Jayapal (Democrat)
Chennai-born Jayapal is the first-ever and only Indian-American woman to be elected to the House of Representatives.
She is now seeking her 4th consecutive term, having been elected to the House in 2016 for the first time.
Before entering electoral politics, Jayapal was a Seattle-based civil rights activist.
Jayapal’s chances in Washington State’s 7th congressional district have been projected at 99 per cent in a survey.
Shri Thanedar (Democrat)
Thanedar is seeking his first election from the 13th Congressional District of Michigan- the heavily African American pocket of Detroit.
Born in Belgaum, Karnataka, Thanedar (67) is an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire.
FiveThirtyEight gives the newcomer a 99 per cent chance of winning against his Republican opponent Martell Bivings.
Ritesh Tanden (Republican)
Debutant Tanden is running against fellow Indian American Ro Khanna in California.
FiveThirtyEight gave a 99 per cent chance of victory for Khanna over Tanden.
Sandeep Srivastava (Democrat)
A first-generation immigrant, Srivastava is running for election to the US House to represent Texas’ 3rd Congressional District.
He earned his graduation degree from Lucknow University. He has worked as a broker and real estate consultant and a data architect.
Rishi Kumar (Democrat)
Rishi Kumar is a Silicon Valley hi-tech executive and a mechanical engineer.
Rishi is challenging veteran Anna Eshoo in the 16th Congressional district in California.


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