In latest diktat, Delhi’s Jama Masjid bans solitary and group entry for girls | Delhi News

NEW Delhi: The administration of Delhi’s iconic Jama Majid has decided to ban solitary and group entry for girls inside its premises.
In a latest diktat, the office of the mosque has put out notices saying that solitary entry of girls or group of girls is restricted.
The diktat has evoked sharp responses from people who described the decision as regressive.
DCW chairperson Swati Maliwal too condemned the decision.
“The decision to ban entry of women inside Jama Masjid is wrong. I am issuing a notice to the imam of the mosque. Nobody has the right to ban entry of women,” she tweeted.

However, Mosque’s PRO Sabiullah Khan justified the decision saying that when women come alone, “improper acts” are witnessed at the religious place and the ban is intented to stop such practices.
“Women’s entry is not banned in the mosque. When women come alone, improper acts are witnessed, videos are shot at the premises. The ban is to stop such practices. No restrictions have been imposed on families and married couples visiting the mosque but making it a meeting point is inapt for religious places,” Khan said.

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